Code Red: Two Economists Examine the U.S. Healthcare System

November 23, 2009

One More Thing

Filed under: Health insurance,Health Reform — David Dranove and Craig Garthwaite (from Oct 11, 2013) @ 9:36 pm

Harry Reid needs every last Democratic vote, and don’t the Democrats know it. Reid opened the spigot this past weekend when he offered $100 million in direct aid to Louisiana in exchange for Senator Landrieu’s vote to open floor debate. (That’s a CBO estimate.) With trillions on the table, it is a wonder Landrieu didn’t get more. Spigot, heck. The floodgates are open. It would be political malpractice if any Senator did not demand dibs.

If you were hoping that our Senators would be asking how to fix the health care system, forget about it. The only question they will be asking from now on is one that has a familiar ring to anyone from Chicago: Where’s mine?

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