Code Red: Two Economists Examine the U.S. Healthcare System

July 29, 2010

My Blago Blog

Filed under: Health insurance,Uninsured — David Dranove and Craig Garthwaite (from Oct 11, 2013) @ 12:21 pm

Yesterday, attorney Sam Adam Jr. said this about his client Rod Blagojevich:

“I love Rod Blagojevich…I love that man,” Adam said outside the courtroom.” My daughter was born 1 pound six ounces and All Kids was the reason she was allowed to live…my wife and I now have a beautiful 35 pound baby.”

The All Kids program is supposed to be for low income individuals who can’t afford health insurance. Sam Adam is, by all accounts, one of the most successful trial attorneys in the country. Given his proven abilities, I will be careful about what I say next. Either there is more to the story of his daughter’s eligibility for All Kids than meets the eye, or he has been feeding at the public trough. If the latter, this has to be the worst example I have ever seen of “crowd out”, where someone who can afford their own insurance lets taxpayers buy it for them.

And Adam says it all with a straight face. What a system.

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